April 30, 2015

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Custom made outdoor TV covers since 2008

Custom made outdoor TV covers since 2008 Our Mission

At TV Coverz our mission is to create the highest quality custom made outdoor television covers. We are continually striving for ultimate customer satisfaction. Please see our reviews, we are delighted and consider ourselves to quite lucky to have so many many happy customers. Your TV cover is being made by fabricators with decades of experience. I assure you they take great pride in their work and maintain the strictest quality standards. No outsourcing here, we make our products right here in the good old U.S.A.


Custom made outdoor TV covers since 2008 Our History

Beginning in 2008 TV Coverz started manufacturing custom outdoor TV covers. Initially we sold our covers primarily to homeowners who could finally order a custom-made TV cover online. Thanks to our many wonderful customers we are now in our 9th year of business. We have been lucky enough to make TV covers and other custom covers for TV manufacturers, professional sports stadiums, cruise lines, casinos, yachts, manufacturing facilities, restaurants/bars, RVs, and households with outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas ……you get the point.

We decided in 2009 that it would make good sense to reach out to the A/V Professionals of the world. They were out there every day installing outdoor entertainment areas or kitchens with outdoor TVs. If we could reach them they will come. Kidding aside A/V Professionals have become a very large part of our business and we try hard to provide something they can offer their customers that provides real value to them.

In 2012, we began offering custom covers for many outdoor products. We now custom fabricate covers for outdoor kitchens, grills, refrigerators, smokers, tables, chairs, ping-pong tables and much more. If you have something you need protected or covered we sure will do our best to make it for you. Just contact us through the form on the homepage and we will get in touch quickly.

Quality is of primary concern and we’re on the job. Our workroom supervisor Janice (who has been with us since DAY 1, how awesome is that?) is a master fabricator with over 40 years of experience fabricating textiles of all kinds. She is an expert in custom fabrication and we are so lucky to have her on our team. Without HER there is no US. Thank you SO MUCH Janice.

Today our products are available in a wide choice of 15 great colors. Every order is uniquely crafted according to your supplied dimensions and specific TV mounting styles. Of course, we are always happy to assist you in the measuring and designing process.

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