April 15, 2015

Measuring Outdoor TV Covers | TV Coverz

Measuring Outdoor TV Covers

At TV Coverz, our custom TV covers are designed to fit your plasma or LCD TV securely, protecting it from sun, wind, rain, bugs, moisture, salt air, dust, pollen, and anything else mother nature sends your way. To secure a precise fit that best protects your investment—we need you!

Print one of our convenient measuring guides, wall mount or stand mount. Next measure and record your TV’s dimensions. Measure to ¼ of an inch.

Measure twice, cut once, the old carpenter’s wisdom says.
So please— measure twice!

You’ll provide these measurements when ordering your outdoor TV cover. Measure well to ensure a proper fit and order your custom fit TV Coverz today!

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Measuring for our Outdoor TV Covers

TV Height – Top to Bottom (without the stand)

Measure from the top to the bottom of your TV (between the arrows, not including the stand). You are measuring the entire TV height — not just the screen — so include the frame area around the screen. Measure UP to the closest ¼ of an inch.


Your TV HEIGHT:_______inches


TV Width – Left Side to Right Side

Measure from the left side of the TV to the right side (between the arrows)

including the frame area around the screen. Measure UP to the closest ¼ of an in.


Your TV WIDTH:_______inches



TV Depth – Side View / Profile

Measure the depth of your TV, the distance from front to back

(between the arrows). Measure UP to the closest ¼ of an inch.


Your TV DEPTH:_______inches


Wall Mount TVs Only – Measuring The Back Of Your TV

These 3 dimensions tell us the SIZE and LOCATION of the opening on the back of the TV cover to accommodate your wall mount. (Please measure for the dimension between the arrows). Measure DOWN to the closest ¼”. While your mount may be different than the one pictured, these photos should illustrate what we are looking for.

Dimension A | Top of TV Down to the mount

DIMENSION A:_______inches: (Top of TV DOWN to Mount)


Dimension B | Side of TV IN to the mount

DIMENSION B:_______inches: (Side of TV IN to Mount)


Dimension C | Bottom of TV UP to the mount

DIMENSION C:_______inches: (Bottom of TV UP to Mount)


Stand Mount TVs Only – Measuring the width of your stand

To measure for the stand please make sure to measure for the dimension
between the arrows. Measure UP to the closest ¼ of an in.
Here are a few examples.



Your TV Stand WIDTH:_______inches